Sunrise Experience

A goodie, but a quicky. What a solid week. Brief update:

[A dear sister]:
She is receiving revelation through prayer, scripture study (and
General Conference study), and church attendance and she ponders:
basically she’s doing everything she needs to be doing to receive
revelation and grow her relationship with God. Undoubtedly, she has
loads going on in her life. Yet, she is being blessed because she is
making time for our Heavenly Father. In turn, she is being blessed.
She inspires those around her, including us.

District Council May 2017

These are the fearless District Leaders in Zone 8. Wow, are they awesome!

District Leader Council:
To replace Zone Training Meetings, as Zone Leaders we hold councils with the District Leaders we serve. Elder Jeppson has never been to one and this is my first transfer planning one, so we put a lot of thought and prayer and study into this one. And it was amazing to see the Lord slowly hand us piece by piece. We had 2 discussions centered on 2 separate questions. One was for District Leaders: “What will take my District to the next level?” They came prepared with 2 strengths of their District and the next 2 steps for their District. Each District Leader took the floor for 5-10 minutes and the other District Leader and their companions and us offered advice. In my opinion, I think it went really well.


     The second discussion was geared towards our Zone: “What will take our Zone as a whole to the next level?” We had some good ideas and decided on a couple things. One included gathering each investigator who made it to church on Sunday in our Zone and texting it out to everyone, so we could see what we are achieving as a Zone. We’re already doing this daily for new investigators found in our Zone and THAT worked really well. 🙂

     The rest of the meeting was 3 separate trainings, each offered by one of the District Leaders. The first was on organization, the second on how to keep our District accountable, and the third on remembering this is a spiritual work. Each was super good and were geared towards the strengths of the respective District Leaders.

My companion:
Elder Jeppson is a good, good man. I really enjoy being with him. I have loads to learn and Elder Jeppson has been a huge help. Actually, our strengths seem to compliment each other’s pretty well, which is really nice. He is an incredible golfer (his best score is 70, for all you golf gurus). He connects really well with everyone. He testifies with the Spirit. He leads by example. It really is a privilege to serve with him. He’s only 20, but he has it more figured out than many of the people we meet. We’re both helping to stay together for his last transfer (transfers are in 2 weeks). He’s an awesome Elder.

Little thought:
Christ Atoned for us because of how much he loves us. He was motivated by that love, which by definition is charity. That means he must have seen something very special in each of us. As I’ve thought about charity and what motivates me, I’ve realized my most powerful motivator for any task will come when I see my brothers and sisters and myself and this work as He does. It’s only been a few days I’ve been trying this out, but wow, what a special experience. It’s a “sunrise experience”, meaning it comes slowly, but the expanding light on the horizon reveals ever greater beauty in the valley below. In a
more simple way, slowly I am finding much more joy, more happiness, more purpose, and more peace in life. God really does love us.

Hope y’all have a great week! Love ya!

A missionary happy to be serving in Plainview, New York,
Elder McConkie


The Psillos’, members in our ward. They are amazing.

Working at the Pinelli's

Doing a little digging with the Pinelli Family.


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