I Am Still Learning, I am Still Growing

“I have realized that humility is just seeing us as God sees us….recognizing how He feels about us.”

So, the past two weeks have given Elder McConkie quite a bit of opportunity for refinement. Due to difficult circumstances falling on the heels of other difficult circumstances, as a District leader, Elder McConkie has spent much of his past two weeks gaining a greater understanding of the humility it takes to fulfill his call as a leader. So much has happened which has brought him to his knees for direction and strength to help those around him. 

There has been no time to write home the past two weeks but he did send me a few videos to share these special, sacred, growing experiences. I am deliberately being vague. I do not feel to include any details of the circumstances. The specifics matter only to the Lord and those whose situations they were. Nevertheless, I have included the end of Elder McConkie’s video. I hope you will find strength in it as we have. He asked the Lord to help him learn as much has he could… 🙂

Note: there is a part were he expresses gratitude for me and his dad…that is not why I felt to share. 🙂 It is his whole understanding and testimony which fills my heart.

“Gratitude is the key to being forever changed.”


Our mother from Ghana. 🙂


Brad (son of Keki, who’s getting baptized this Saturday) and our Haitian Grandma Amedee. She was baptized about 8 months ago and is an incredible member.


Eli with her dried out frog from the Phillipines.


Elder Harris can drive now!

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