What A Blessing!

     I have about 10 minutes to write today after our trip to Manhattan. The temple trip was AWESOME! I talked to a bunch of really awesome people on the subway, had an incredible experience in the Manhattan Temple, and had a very refreshing day. 🙂

I do want to share this experience from the week:

peterelders     Saturday, we were given a very prepared investigator. He’s originally from Nigeria. I’m not quite sure how, but the sisters met him and sent us his information. We went over there tonight and talked with him. Talk about prepared! My word! He was asking us about tithing, sharing how he felt that the Book of Mormon must be true, because the Bible isn’t complete. He even asked us when he could be baptized! We shared with him–through our amazement–that there were things that we needed to teach him first before he could be baptized. We set a date for November 5, giving him 4 weeks of solid church attendance. Honestly, that lesson was solely God and Peter. Elder Johnson and I just answered a few of his concerns and shared a message about Joseph Smith. What a blessing! We are going back Monday evening and he’s coming to church tomorrow.

     A few days ago, we were at a member’s home. There was a really nice older lady sitting on the couch and no one had made any effort to talk to her. I asked how she was doing and she said she didn’t speak English. One of the sisters who lived in the house–asked if I spoke Spanish. I said ‘yes’ and she told me that this lady was from Haiti and spoke Creole, but knew Spanish as well. So I talked with her in Spanish for a good 30 minutes. What a blessing! It was so cool! More and more, my desire to learn the languages of the world is growing. I learned how she learned Spanish so she could go to the Dominican Republic, the closest temple to Haiti. We talked about her life, a bit about mine, and shared our testimonies.

     It was so cool! Neither one of us would be considered fluent, but we definitely can communicate pretty well in Spanish, and the Lord used this. She told me that in all the years that the missionaries had been coming to the house, none of them had ever talked with her. I’m so grateful for this experience.

     Hope y’all had a great week! Sure love ya!

 Elder McConkie  


Thanks to Sister Iderle who mended some of the Elders’ pants!


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