The Adversary Works Hard; We Work Harder!

JohnsonMcConkieJune2016Elder McConkie wrote a super quick letter this week. In it he expressed such concern and love for the people in their current teaching pool. Some of their struggles include addictions, forgiving, and desire to move forward. His heart has hurt as he has seen their pain. Nevertheless, there were some happy experiences as well. I will include just a portion of his letter (with names changed or removed) in this post:

What a great week! But let’s get the bad out of the way first. We had zero investigators at church. Zip. Zilch. Nada. Everyone is SO busy during the summer here, like busier than I have ever seen anywhere else. There are plenty of excuses not to come, and any excuse works to keep them away from church. The adversary sure is working hard! That said, the work is going spectacularly! I’ll give updates on a few people:

[Two of our investigators] are struggling hard. Without giving too many details,
[One] is really struggling with addiction and it is tearing at our hearts. [The other] is so hurt by this, that the negativity is palpable – which is understandable – and this just turns it all into a never ending cycle of hurt for everyone. We had an appointment this last week, so we brought along the Martinos (our Senior couple) to help. Unfortunately, [the one we had come to teach] wasn’t there. There was still a blessing in this, however, because we drove with [the other] to the beach for the sunset and taught the lesson there. We shared King Lamoni’s conversion and it really touched all our hearts. We have an appointment tonight, so hopefully it will go well. 🙂 

*Bill is an older gentleman we have been teaching. He had a stroke a couple years ago, so he has a bit of a speech impediment. He has a testimony, he has faith, but he is struggling to move forward. He loves us and really appreciates our message. He is very respectful of other people and we it! Hopefully this week he comes along.

My weekly Spanish lesson was last night with a less active member. She fed us Cui (no idea if I spelled that right), which is Guinea Pig! That’s right, those cute little rodents that people keep as pets. ~Sorry, Madisen. 😉 It wasn’t particularly amazing, but it tasted good.
🙂 While Elder Johnson did the dishes, I read the story of Enos with her and talked through the different principles and lessons. She shared her insights and we left her with a passage to read (1 Nephi 18) and she seemed to love it after I shared my testimony about it with her. 🙂

Also, we found this neighborhood where EVERYONE is super nice! AND we got return appointments with almost everyone we talked with. 🙂 Truly it was a blessing from the Lord. That day, Elder Johnson and I were a bit discouraged and we were doing the work because we loved the Lord, so we were so grateful when the Lord showed us to a neighborhood where every single door but one was super kind. 🙂 One family in particular
has the Spirit with them so strongly!

Finally, we have been asked by our Zone Leaders to work with Sister Martino to give a workshop in Zone Training Meeting this Thursday. We are giving it on improving our attitude. A lot of our zone apparently looks at the Hamptons like the golden area because we are always busy, when really we are only busy because we have a positive attitude towards our area and we do everything we can to move it forward. I’ll tell you all about it next week.

I love you all! 🙂

Elder McConkie


The Martinos (the senior couple missionaries in this area) are such an amazing blessing to Elder McConkie. He is very grateful for their inspired counsel. Photo credit: Sherry Wandoloski

Beach Suffolk County

A Hampton area Sunset. Photo credit: Sherry Wandoloski

JohnsonMcConkie on Beach

Elder Johnson and Elder McConkie June 2016. Photo credit: Sherry Wandoloski

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