Tomorrow the Lord Will Do Wonders among You

Michael’s letter this past Monday afternoon came in two parts. This one is the last few hours in the MTC. Then, his flight to and arrival in New York.

General Conference was SUPER amazing. We all got to watch it together as an entire MTC. When Elder Holland was announced, most of the missionaries gave out a small cheer. The entire conference was amazing – I was incredibly edified. One of the talks I loved was Elder Snow’s talk. It really drove home the point that humility is the root of all Christlike qualities, and I have plenty of humbling to do.

Also, though President Monson‘s points were short, they were powerful. Because he only spoke for a few minutes, that says that the message he shared is that more important – out of everything he could have said he, he chose those few points. His counsel to always make sure we are going in the right direction will be something I will never forget. 

That Sunday night, instead of our usual Sunday Devotional, Vocal Point came and performed and shared their testimonies. It was incredible. They shared a really powerful video that shared the life of Christ to the song I Stand All Amazed. Just amazing. I’ll admit openly that I cried; the Spirit was so strong.

That night, we had to say goodbye to our district and zone. I have to say, the two sisters in my district were supreme examples of missionaries and am going to miss them. We didn’t really sleep that much that night. Elder Williams and I had already done most of our packing. So I slept for 3 hours while Elder Williams and Elder Pratt stayed up talking. We got up at 2, got dressed and went to the shuttle. We were with 3 sisters going to the NYNY South mission and three others going to Denmark. When we got to the airport, we checked in, called parents, and then boarded our flight.

I. Love. Airplanes. The flights were great, though I wish there was turbulence. Haha! From Salt Lake we flew to Detroit for our lay over and actually met some of the professional ballet dancers that perform at the Met. They were coming back from a performance in Detroit. The two girls we met were 17 and 18. Actually, while we were walking along, Jazelle (one of the dancers) turns around and says “Hi Elders!” I was super surprised! We asked her if she was LDS and she said yes. We got to know her friend Erika a bit and then I met Joseph. Super humble, super nice, and I never would have known he was the main dancer if I hadn’t asked him – that’s how humble he was. 🙂

We landed in La Guardia airport and met the AP’s there, along with a few other missionaries and President and Sister Reynolds. They were super nice! We went to the mission home, which was about 45 minutes from the airport. We had an incredible dinner that night, an interview with our amazing mission president, and then got to go to bed an hour early to be ready for the next day….

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