Honestly, things are SO busy.

We received a letter from Elder McConkie by snail mail Saturday. What fun! It had a few tidbits which he ran out of time on the computer to tell us, including that he has been called as a zone leader for their branch. Time in the MTC has been great and super busy. Sounds like he is loving it. Here. I will let him tell you:

*Note: I have changed the names of investigators in this post out of respect for their personal journey.

Michael 's first prep day

First Preparation Day (P-day). Never seen such a big smile on someone doing laundry. 🙂


Ok. I honestly feel like there are not enough hours in a day. Honestly, things are SO busy. Sunday, a day of rest? Haha! Our busiest day is Sunday. 😀

On a normal day, we have class a couple time for a few hours each with lessons to investigators, personal study/companionship study, meals, exercise, and a few other things mixed in. We wake up at 6:30 and go to bed at 10:30. The beds are uncomfortable, so I pray for a good sleep every night. 🙂

The hardest days were Thursday-Sunday with the little sleep, constant concentration, etc. we were all feeling SUPER spent. Finally, Monday cam and things just seemed to be so much better!

We have been teaching a whole lot. We are teaching four different people who all have given us different experiences with so much learning. We are inviting one to baptism tomorrow and another has agreed to work towards it. Charles*  is difficult because he is fun and outgoing but with a shell. We are learning so much from teaching him.

This past Sunday, I played the piano for a sister in sacrament meeting that was SUPER uncomfortable with playing. 🙂

[Thank you Terri, Connie, Brother and Sister Bayless and Dr. Van der Beek for teaching him.]

Preach my Gospel is so rich! I am striving to become as familiar with it as I can. 🙂

Deuteronomy 31:6-8, 2 Nephi 31:2, 20-21 and Moroni 8:26 have all lent me great strength this week. Y’all should take time to study them–the Spirit has really taught me through them. 🙂

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday are all a blur–so much learning, so much humbling, so much of the Spirit. 🙂

I love you all!

Elder Michael McConkie

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