I have learned so much this past week!

Our first letter from the MTC! Keyboarding class has really paid off. He is a very fast typist: He wrote each member of our immediate family, as well as a few other people. I don’t know whether that will happen every week, but for this week, it was just what delighted our souls as we waited for word.

So, Elder McConkie has two companions, Elder Williams and Elder Pratt, of two very different descriptions. He is already enjoying the diversity New York will show him and humility in unfamiliar social status. He let us get to know his companions and another companionship in their district:

…We each bring something different to the table…

EldersMc&P bodyguard of ElderW

I’ve decided that Elder Pratt and I are Elder William’s bodyguards….;)

Elder Williams is 6’6″ and 360 lbs. He is on scholarship that he turned down to go on a mission to play for University of Virginia as first string. He is from Texas. He had a real tough childhood, such as being in a gang when he was younger and his brother dying, but he has a great testimony. Everyone loves him and knows him. Quite often we’ll be walking around and everyone will shout out “Hey Elder Williams!”, so I have to say it’s a bit humbling to go almost unnoticed. He is an amazing missionary, though and I am grateful for him. 🙂

Elder Pratt is from Springville, weights 120 lbs. and is shorter than me. He has gone through some amazing life experiences and has such a strong testimony of Christ.

Elder Hagen is a fun Elder who really cares to teach the gospel. He always has a comment to share with us about the gospel! 😀

Elder Moore is 24 and HILARIOUS. I have laughed so hard I can’t even laugh regularly every day a couple times a day. He is a convert to the church and just amazing. His life story is incredible.

It is funny to me that he tells us their height and weight…I never thought to measure up my companions 🙂

I asked Elder McConkie to tell us his five greatest things of the MTC:

5. Exercise time. Elder Williams AKA Elder Coach Williams is training us every other day. And he destroys our muscles. I’ve been sore for the past week, but I’m loving it. 🙂
4. The food. All you can eat. It’s yummy. ’nuff said.

3. One of our teachers, Brother Bishop. He is absolutely amazing. His teaching is so Christlike, he knows how to work with everyone, his focus on the Savior is incredible, and the Spirit speaks teaches through him in such a way that makes lightbulbs go on everywhere and brings peace to my soul and strengthens my testimony.

MTC District1

L-R: Sisters Julander and Jensen, Elders me (hehehe), Pratt, Williams, Hagen, Moore. 

2. My District!! The Elders are fantastic, the two sister missionaries – Sister Jensen and Sister Julander – are angels. The sisters are so close to God and are such great examples. We are all (especially me) so grateful for them. They help to bring a bit of balance to our District. 
1. Finally, I really really love all the time we get to study and teach investigators (real and fake – they don’t tell us who is who, but we figure it out usually).
More from his letter:
Also, we have already taught 3 real-life investigators as a group of 30-40 missionaries. SO AMAZING–the Spirit was so strong! I was able to stand up and answer a question that was having a hard time being answered after Elder Pratt and I prayed that my words would be from the Spirit. 
I have learned so much this past week. I have grown (spiritually and physically – I put on my pants today and realized they were a bit shorter). I have been humbled time and time again. I really begun to feel the influence of the Spirit in my lessons. We currently have an actual investigator we are teaching and yesterday we taught her about the Plan of Salvation and eternal families and all that and she committed to working towards baptism!! So yippeee!! 😀

We are so busy and there is SO much that I want to share with everyone. Anyways, I will do my best to write a letter today that has more in it. 

Love you all!! Christ is there for you!!! Love you! 🙂
Elder McConkie

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